Skill Development​

FCBL encourages constant skill development through information technology. Today’s market demand is beyond the traditional academic education. Therefore, we must maintain a stable ecosystem where all information technology companies will stand together to empower the potential youth to level up the skills and take them to the global standard.

Hard Work​

There is a famous saying “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”. FCBL does not practice “Modern Slavery” like most other BPO companies in Bangladesh. It does not encourage employees working after hours and such. Rather it motivates employees so they willingly preform their best at work.


Future Cloud Bangladesh Limited considers it’s employees as the best asset. The more experience we gather, the more we expand into the global market with a wide area of services that include complete back office support, CRM maintenance, administrative and marketing assistance.



We believe honesty is the key to success. We stay honest to our customers with our ultimate customer service. We also do regular counseling and discussion with our employees so they stay strong with the ethical values.


Sincerity is a give and take process. As far customer support is concerned, we are sincere to our customers at our best. As far as employee benefits are concerned, we are sincere with our benefits at our best. End of the day what we realize, our employees are atomically sincere to the team and overall to the company because of this culture.


FCBL has its full dedication to make itself the industry leader with the highest level of productivity, professionalism and long term vision. Therefore each team members are enthusiastic to reach the common goal with a long term employment mentality.


Future Cloud Bangladesh Limited (FCBL) was established in 2014 by a team of enthusiastic IT professionals aiming to surpass the local market and meet the global demand for IT-enabled services. With this vision, FCBL began its journey, focusing on serving businesses and individual entrepreneurs in North America.

In a short span, FCBL has earned a reputation as a reliable service provider through to its great team work, dedication, and exceptional customer service. The company prides itself on offering fully customized solutions, attentive care, and innovation. FCBL stands out among other BPO providers both locally and internationally due to it’s strong core values and professionalism.

FCBL is also well-regarded in the local corporate market for its commitment to employee welfare. Unlike many employers who demand long hours with minimal pay and benefits, FCBL is a model ITES company that values each employee equally and recognizes their contributions. The company has an “Exclusive Employee Benefit Scheme” for long-term employees.

Future Cloud Bangladesh Limited offers it’s staff opportunities to demonstrate their abilities through innovation and creativity, maintaining an excellent work environment. Multiple directors of the company reside in North America to boost it’s sales and marketing operations in the target market to ensure consistent revenue stream. The FCBL team takes pride in generating recurring revenues as 100% foreign remittance for Bangladesh. FCBL also has full-time employees and associates working in United States, Canada and Philippines to create a global standard and opportunity for it’s Bangladeshi office employees.

Message from our Managing Director

Undoubtedly, the ICT industry in Bangladesh is experiencing rapid growth. Recent years’ data suggests that Bangladesh is poised to become a significant business hub for Information Technology and ITES outsourcing in the next decade. The global trend of outsourcing back-office operations indicates a shift towards cloud-based staffing, reducing the reliance on in-house executives in many developed nations. Hence, we proudly identify ourselves as “Future Cloud Bangladesh.” In this future cloud-based sourcing model, we aim for Bangladesh to lead the ITES market, particularly focusing on CRM, data management, and marketing.

We express gratitude for the government’s initiatives in branding ICT nationwide, developing infrastructure, and offering tax incentives. However, a considerable number of our fresh graduates remain unemployed each year. With practical knowledge and English communication skills training, we can easily transform them into assets, attracting foreign remittances. Additionally, many of our youths complete higher education abroad, possessing excellent communication skills and talent. It’s time to inform them that Bangladesh is already a middle-income country with abundant opportunities. Some youths still cling to the outdated notion of pursuing government jobs like BCS. It’s crucial to recognize that time is money and observe the rapid changes in the world due to Information Technology advancements. Let’s embrace technology, advance our careers, and contribute to the thriving ICT revolution.


Md Saon Khan, Acting Operations Manager
Md Abdullah Al Maruf, Senior Executive
Zull Asfi Zaman Prithu, Project Manager
Mohammad Fardin Khan, Senior Executive
Md.Tanvir Ahmed Anik, Manager HR & PR
Tamim Al Meher, Senior Executive
K.M. Yousuf Ikbal Rafe, Assistant Project Manager
Kazi Sharif Uddin, Senior Executive
Md. Fardin Islam, Senior Executive
Abrar Masum Hamim, Senior Executive

Our Customers

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Employee Benefits

On Time Salary
2 Festival Bonuses
Annual Recreation
Unlimited NESCAFÉ
Yearly profit sharing bonus
Gratuity Benefit
15 Paid Casual Leaves
10 Paid Holidays
Loan Facility
Discounted Healthcare Card
Annual Bonus

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