Skill Development​

FCBL encourages constant skill development through information technology. Today’s market demand is beyond the traditional academic education. Therefore, we must maintain a stable ecosystem where all information technology companies will stand together to empower the potential youth to level up the skills and take them to the global standard.

Hard Work​

There is a famous saying “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”. FCBL does not practice “Modern Slavery” like most other BPO companies in Bangladesh. It does not encourage employees working after hours and such. Rather it motivates employees so they willingly preform their best at work.


Future Cloud Bangladesh Limited considers it’s employees as the best asset. The more experience we gather, the more we expand into the global market with a wide area of services that include complete back office support, CRM maintenance, administrative and marketing assistance.



We believe honesty is the key to success. We stay honest to our customers with our ultimate customer service. We also do regular counseling and discussion with our employees so they stay strong with the ethical values.


Sincerity is a give and take process. As far customer support is concerned, we are sincere to our customers at our best. As far as employee benefits are concerned, we are sincere with our benefits at our best. End of the day what we realize, our employees are atomically sincere to the team and overall to the company because of this culture.


FCBL has its full dedication to make itself the industry leader with the highest level of productivity, professionalism and long term vision. Therefore each team members are enthusiastic to reach the common goal with a long term employment mentality.



Future Cloud Bangladesh Limited was founded in 2016 with a group of enthusiastic Information Technology professionals with an ultimate goal to exceed the local market and explore the global demand of Information Technology enabled services. Therefore, it started the journey to serve North American businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

In a very short time of period FCBL has become a trustworthy service provider to the customers because of the hard work, dedication and extra ordinary customer service. FCBL believes in fully customized solution, intensive care and innovation. Future Cloud Bangladesh Limited differentiates itself from other BPO providers across the country and overseas competitors with strong core values and professionalism.

FCBL is also renowned through the local corporate market for valuing it’s employees. Where most employers are forcing employees to do extra hours, getting job done with a very minimal pay and employment benefits, FCBL is an unique example of an ideal ITES company where each individual employee is valued equally and always appreciate the employee contribution. FCBL has a separate “Exclusive Employee Benefit Scheme” for it’s long term employees.

Future Cloud Bangladesh Limited gives opportunity to it’s staffs to prove their ability with innovation, creativity and maintain a great work environment. In January 2020, FCBL reaches it’s biggest milestone by forming a limited liability company under the state of Michigan, United States and becomes a Bangladeshi owned multi-national company. FCBL team is proud to generate it’s recurring revenues as a 100% foreign remittance for it’s motherland Bangladesh. FCBL also has full time employees and associates working from overseas counties like United States, Canada, Singapore, Philippines and India.

Message from our Managing Director

There is no doubt that ICT is a booming industry in Bangladesh. If we analyze the data for the past few years, it appears that Bangladesh will be the future business hub for Information Technology and ITES outsourcing in next 10 years. The increasing global trend of outsourcing back offices show us the majority staffing in the future days are going to be cloud based, the tradition of in-house executives have already started to decrease in most developed countries. So we call ourselves “Future Cloud Bangladesh”. In this future cloud based sourcing, we want to have Bangladesh lead the ITES market especially from the CRM, data management and marketing aspects.

We thank all govt. initiatives of branding the ICT across the country, developing the infrastructure and tax holidays. There is still a big portion of our fresh graduates stay unemployed every year. With the practical knowledge and training of English communication skill, we can easily convert them into assets for bringing foreign remittance to the country. There is an another portion of our youth completing higher education overseas, they also have a good communication skill and talent. It’s high time to declare to them that Bangladesh is already a middle income country and there is opportunities all around. A group of youth is still obsessed with the old age concept of wasting years and years running after govt. jobs, BCS and etc. It’s high time we should realize that time is money and should look around how fast the world is changing with the advancement of Information Technology. Let’s engage with the technology, grow our career and be a part of the glorious ICT revolution.

FCB Managing Director

Kamrunnahar Konok

Jeff L.
American Associate

Shamsun Nahar Sistia
Asst. Project Manager, Operations Team

Tanina N.
Executive, Work From Home

Rahima B.
Executive, Work From Home

Mahmuda L.
HR Executive, Work From Home

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